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Vehicle Chocolates

Adaptogenic Chocolate Bars

Adaptogenic Chocolate Bars

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Chocolate bars made with 1500mg of Functional Organic Mushrooms - Chaga, Red Reishi, Cordyceps & Lion's Mane.

Each delicious bar is crafted to challenge expectations of what is possible with both mushrooms and chocolate. 

  • Mushroom Milk - Myco mushroom goodness is added for a milky melody of organic milk chocolate to satisfy your cravings. This Mushroom Milk bar is the Miles Davis of chocolate experiences.
  • Garden Mint - 66% dark chocolate bar made with mushrooms and garden mint. In each piece, you'll get a blast of fresh bright mint, doused in rich dark chocolate.
  • Myco Pollen - 66% dark chocolate bar made with mushrooms, dandelion and Jacobsen bee pollen. Floral, honey and crisp, each bite of this bar takes you to a sunny day in a lovely field.