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Cramp Aid

Cramp Aid

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High-potency natural relief for period cramps.

Inflammation-fighting ginger and calendula target cramp-causing compounds at the source, while antispasmodic dong quai and fenugreek soothe uterine muscles. Zinc and B vitamins regulate muscle contraction and nerve signaling in the uterus, and restore important nutrition lost during menstruation.

Cramp Aid™ ingredients are blended with MCT oil and contained in chlorophyll capsules, creating a rapid-release, highly-absorbable liquid formula for fast relief. The drug-free way to an easy period!


  • 24 capsules, 12 servings. A generous one-cycle supply
  • Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO
  • Nutritionist-formulated
  • Female-founded.
  • Research-backed